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DJ CUPPY DONATES 500,000 naira to the public

Femi Otedola’s Stunning daughter DJ Cuppy kicked off her Africa tour, sponsored by GT Bank and the Dangote Foundation, over the weekend and she has promised to use the tour as a means of giving back to the society in every country.

Recently the DJ was at the Saint Peter’s School Epe, where she had fun with the students and also donated the sum of Five Hundred Thousand to the school’s development.

The Lagos State leg of DJ Cuppy’s 8-Country African tour which kicked off on the 1st of August 2015, at the Federal Palace Hotel featured a star studded performance line-up of some of Africa’s biggest DJs and Producers.




Tonto Dikeh on Happiness

Controversial singer, Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram to inform her fans why she’s a happy woman and why her friends, family and foes can’t harm her.


She wrote:

I hear people pray for their enemies and am like y bother?

Y give them so much attention or Focus?

Y make them important?

Y even know them or bother they exist?

My laughter and life is way bigger than the devil can comprehend.

It’s such a joy to feel great and know you are Great..

If u give me love I appreciate u

Am fearless and powerful

And nothing any enemy(family,friends or foe etc) can do to harm me….

I have got THE SHEILD HEHEHHEHE you can try thou but be prepared to fail*

Am happy becos as u wait on my bad news I hope u have a long life becos u re in for a long ride*

Am just too confident in who I am*

Am not proud but Am Firm,

The fact is not what I live by but the truth Rooted on d Word of my God..

Nathaniel Bassey’s Sweet Write-Up about his Wife.

Yesterday, August 3rd,2015 was Sarah Bassey’s birthday, who is the amiable wife of Nathaniel Bassey and the mother of their son.He expressed his gratitude to her on Facebook.

“Happy birthday my love. Your life has just begun.Get ready for greater grace and glory.God bless you.”


Going down memory lane,he said “I remember asking my wife to marry me and after she shared it with a “friend”, the fellow said to her, ‘Is that the best you can do for yourself?’ Perhaps meaning, ‘how can you decide to marry some small boy who says he is a musician?”

She said yes obviously and he added that “She has been a great source of support,allowing me serve God and my generation with my gifts and wherever we go, she is celebrated and appreciated for being my wife.”

He also dropped an advice for single ladies-“…Don’t marry money.Marry vision.Don’t marry swag,Marry purpose.Marry for where you are going, and not at the moment.”

I wish them many years ahead with great achievements.

Lily Rose Depp-Face of Chanel

The daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp has just been announced as the new campaign star for Chanel Pearl eyewear.Since making her fashion world debut as a guest at Chanel’s New York Métiers d’Art show back in March this year, Lily-Rose has rapidly caught media’s attention.


In the last week, 16-year-old Lily-Rose has appeared on the Chanel Fall 2015 Haute Couture catwalk, starred in artist and musician Reggie Snow’s music video “All Around the World” (watch here) and has now been announced as Chanel’s ambassador as well as starring in the new campaign.

Divorce Rumors-Will&Jada Smith

Here we go again!!!

Year-in,year-out,this power couple, Will Smith and Jada-Pinkett Smith are always in the news for divorce rumors but what’s new is that Will chose to address it.He took to Facebook and responded.Read his response below;

‘Under normal circumstances, I don’t usually respond to foolishness(Because it’s contagious) But, so many people have extended me their ‘deepest condolences’ that I figured, What the hell…I can be foolish,too!’


He continued by saying “So, in the interest of redundant, repetitious, over&over-again-ness…Jada and I are NOT GETTING A DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you all..if I ever decide to divorce my Queen-I SWEAR I’ll tell you myself. Dumb people should have to wear scarlet D’s”.

Immediately, his wife tweeted on her account “My King has spoken”

Guys,please give them a break!

Amaechi: I Refused to Share from Jonathan’s N1.9tn Oil Subsidy

After a brief interregnum, former Governor of Rivers State Chibuike Amaechi has emerged from his hiatus to reveal that his conscience did not allow him to join those who may have soiled their hands in the N1.9 trillion oil subsidy scam allegedly committed during the President Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Speaking during a Sunday night dinner held in honour of members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Amaechi, who had a running battle with the former president, added that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-led government in Rivers State was jittery of his being considered for political appointment under President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

Amaechi, who served as the Director-General of the Buhari Campaign Organisation during the 2015 presidential election, said contrary to the notion held in certain quarters, he was not disposed to the pursuit of self-aggrandisement to the detriment of the wellbeing of the people of Rivers State.

“When the trouble between me and the former president started, as chairman of the governors’ forum, the oil subsidy was N300 billion under (former) President Obasanjo, it remained the same under Yar’Adua.

“But in six months of President Goodluck Jonathan, the oil subsidy rose to N1.9 trillion. Was it that the country had doubled its population or bought more machines or started manufacturing?


“There was a time I walked into a meeting with the president (Jonathan) and in the meeting, the argument was that they wanted more money for oil subsidy. But as chairman of the governors’ forum, I stood my ground and told the president I was not going to support that.

“He asked me why and I explained that we were already in court with the federal government on the issue of fuel subsidy, so the president abused the hell out of my life.

“I have huge respect for the president, but the only thing that made me disagree with him was on the issue of the management of the country’s treasury.

“I told the president then that those who were accusing me of being anti-South-south to come out and tell the world his achievements in the South-south under his presidency. And the president confirmed it himself during the campaigns that he had done nothing for the region,” he said.

He said his quarrel with Jonathan should not be misconstrued to mean that he was antagonistic to the progress of the South-south geopolitical zone, adding that the axe he had to grind with Jonathan began after Rivers State’s income from the Federation Account was cut to N6 billion as against N20 billion that was due to the state.

“Some people will say I betrayed the South-south, but I have no word for betrayal. Let no one under any circumstance tell people yes when your yes is no,” he added.

Focusing on his successor, Nyesom Wike, Amaechi said: “May God not give the ambition of the current governor of Rivers State, as he can sell anyone. God should rather put me to death than give me the ambition to sell this country.”

Amaechi challenged the people of Rivers State to stand up and defend him by telling the world the “truth” for what he stood for. He said it would be too much to ascribe the APC’s victory to him but that the victory of the party was engineered by God.

“The current governor of Rivers State and PDP are afraid of me getting an appointment at the national level, because that will determine the politics of Rivers State.

“They know that the current president abhors corruption and the only way to stop me from being appointed is to paint that picture of corruption.

“I’m not angry with the people who have come out to blackmail me. My anger is with Rivers people who know I don’t like money and I expect them to get up and defend me that this is not Ameachi’s character, that’s my anger. The Rivers people should stand up and tell this man to stop painting Amaechi black,” he said.

Continuing, the former Rivers governor, added: “I heard they (PDP) want to address a press conference to tell the president not to give me an appointment, that I am corrupt but they don’t know that the appointment is not everything – if God is happy with me, I’m happy with my life.”

Amaechi said his sin against many people in the South-south and the former president stemmed from his support for a Muslim candidate from the north, adding that “the stealing the current president is fighting today cut across the whole nation”.

“Our offence was supporting a Muslim; not only that, our offence was supporting a northerner. What they fail to realise is that money does not know ethnic groups, the stealing the current president is fighting cuts across the whole nation.

“It is not the South-south people that stole the money, every part of the country stole that money but it was under the supervision of a South-south president and we are watching,” he noted.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, who was the special guest at the dinner, said there was one thing no one can deny about Amaechi, “and that is his tremendous courage”.

“Amaechi is also a man of big ideas and very insightful, he understands how to live long in the hearts of men. His education policies in Rivers State and all of those children he gave real hope and opportunity to will always be remembered long after he has left this earth,” he said.

In his remarks, the APC National Chairman, Chief John Oyegun, gave Amaechi credit for bringing fire and vibrancy to the party.

He said having tasted power before, Amaechi brought passion and energy to the APC and to a great extent made the party’s victory possible.

The wife of the president Aisha Buhari described Amaechi as perhaps one of the most courageous politicians that has come out from the South-south zone.

Chairman of the occasion and Kaduna State Governor Nasir el-Rufai, who paid tributes to Amaechi, added that the PDP’s defeat became apparent the moment the ex-Rivers governor left along with the four other PDP governors to the APC.

He said if Amaechi had not joined the other four governors to defect to APC, it would have been regarded as northern gang-up, adding that the former president did everything possible to make sure that Amaechi and APC lost the election in Rivers State to spite Amaechi.

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Kylie Jenner vs Kim Kardashian

Is Kylie Jenner sharing her sister’s wardrobe or is she stealing Kim Kardashian’s looks? See their identical outfits;


“Whitney Houston&Daughter Bobbi Kristina used as Illuminati Bathtub Sacrifice”-Conspiracy Theory

illuminati killed bobbi kristina

Though 22 year-old Bobbi Kristina had been in a coma for a while, it was with shock that the world received the news of the passing away of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s only daughter on July 26. Ironically, at the time of her death, Bobbi Kristina had everything to leave for including her late mum’s $115million estate.

Rewind: It’s 2012 and Whitney Houston, who is just recovering from another bout of drug addiction, aged 48, was found unconscious at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, submerged in a bathtub. Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m. Authorities stated that the amount of cocaine found in Houston’s body indicated that she used the substance shortly before her death. Toxicol­ogy results revealed additional drugs in her system includ­ing diphenhydramine, alprazolam, cannabis and cycloben­zaprine. The manner of death was listed as an “accident.”

Fast forward: It’s January 2015 and Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious, submerged in a bathtub and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office reported the cause of Bobbi Kristina’s condition was drowning and the “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.” Does this sound familiar?

Even before Bobbi Kristina passed on last week, questions were raised based on similarities between the circumstances in which she was found and her mum’s death. Why should mother and daughter die in similar circumstances? Or is it all just a coinci­dence? Or was it a ghost from Whit­ney Houston’s past that was responsible for both deaths?

Almost three years after, Los Angeles police are yet solve the riddle around her death. The best they could come up with was to describe it as an “accident.” And now, they have another riddle on their hands. Who killed Bobbi Kris­tina? Was it a case of suicide or was it murder? Or was it just another “accident”?

An easy way out would be to declare both deaths as sui­cides. Basically, drug addicts are prone to suicide. Indeed there were reports of attempted suicide both for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina and this could give credibility to arguments that claim they both committed suicide but the question remains, why did Bobbi Kristina decide to go like her mum? It is pertinent to note that the similarities between their deaths cannot just be brushed aside. And if she was actually murdered, what was the motive? Was somebody trying to make a point?

If you believe in conspiracy theories then the Illumi­nati alternative might just provide the answer. Though largely faceless, the Illuminati is believed to control the entertainment industry in America. Whitney Houston’s death has been the source of conspiracy theories ever since she was found unconscious in a bathtub. Her death occurred prior to the 2012 Grammy Awards, a ceremony believed to contain very strange occult, Illuminati symbol­ism and rituals.

Now, almost three years later, Bobbi Kristina is found face down and unresponsive in a water- filled bathtub? What is the significance of bathtub symbolism as far as the Illuminati is concerned?

According to some sources, celebrities in bathtubs symbolizes the person’s willingness to sell their souls to the industry or the powers that be in exchange for success.

So, was Bobbi Kristina’s incident and Whitney Hous­ton’s death connected? Were they successful Illuminati bathtub sacrifices?

INEC Office In Abia Burnt Down

The office of the Independent National Electoral Commission at Obingwa Local Government of Abia state was razed yesterday, August 2nd by some hoodlums. Residents of the community say the fire outbreak was politically motivated as suspected political thugs armed with knives, cutlasses and guns stormed the local government before setting the electoral office on fire. This action comes ahead of the August 10th date fixed for the commencement of the state election tribunal. Results from the local government is among many issues that is strongly being contested.

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