The Afro Hair has being trending for some time and so many opinions have being aired about the topic. Some say Africans are beginning to accept their own skin. Another school of thought says that the negative effect of the long use of chemicals on the scalp made the ‘victims’ transit from the relaxed hair to natural hair. A couple of religious sects have coerced their disciples to accept their hair in its natural state because God doesn’t want us to alter anything that He has created on our body and the last group are just in for the trend.

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My Natural Hair&I

Sometimes I wonder if those of us that are Naturalistas will switch our Shea butter and Wide toothed combs for a Relaxer and sleeked-back hair.I fall under the second category and all I know is that I am loving it.:-) but somehow I can’t help but wonder if this is a passing phase.What are your thoughts people?