The trend of wearing green coloured fashion pieces for men is back! The last time it was trending was in 2013. I appreciate that men are taking the bull by the horn to risk being seen in a green pants. Let’s see what they look like.

Photo by Christina Paige for Slate.
Photo by Christina Paige for Slate.

Light shade of green shorts is a cool piece to wear on a casual day.


Army Green coloured shirt for those who want to belong to the trend but don’t want to be screaming GREEN!!! at people.


You can mix it up and enjoy a shade of another colour to it like this shirt.


You can play with lines around the colour incase green is not your favorite.IMG_20150715_084854_-1318224342

For those who are conservative in their style of dressing but still want a splice of green-this is my pick for you!


If you are daring and you don’t give a hoot about what people will say, then this blazer is for you(though I don’t like the combo of the tie and shirt).

Green pants is the ‘ish’ for this season but I guess it’s only older men that will be in them.

What are your thoughts?Can you flow with the trend or you will choose to be a grinch?(lol)

Please drop your comments.

Photo by Christina Paige for Slate
Photo by Christina Paige for Slate

For Laughs: It’s only Green Lantern that I have seen in a complete suit of green. Please don’t try this on the streets. You may be mistaken for someone that you’re not.You know what I mean ba?