Being petite doesn’t mean you should be relegated to the background.On the celebrity screen, we have a couple of them that are very comfortable in their own skin. For example our most cherished Tom Cruise, Eva Longoria, Jada Pinkett-Smith and a host of them are doing fantastic and they are knocking themselves out while they are at it. Remember that guy in ‘Little Man?’

So stop the fuss about not finding the right clothes for you and get on with these tips(for ladies) that will make others jealous of your size.

Jada Pinkett-Smith is our petite muse for today.The mother of two and wife of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air isn’t intimidated by other people’s stature.


So if you’re petite and you want to fit into her shoes, here are some tips to help you set the ball rolling;

  • Hair-do: Mrs Smith’s signature hairstyle is simple most of the type. It can be best described as sleeked-back. It’s either she’s wearing a ponytail, or she has a centre part in d middle of her tresses. However, she sure knows how to rock other styles but she doesn’t over do it. The key thing is to avoid wearing hairstyles that will exaggerate the size of your head and make it look as if it was borrowed.Even if you have to wear a voluminous hair-do,keep it simple.


  • Make-up: Hue your face with subtle shadows. Natural colours make your face brighten up and makes you appreciated instead of being the joke. Even if you have to break the rules, stick to one colour.


  • Choice of Clothes: There are casual days, and there are days you have a big event. Days you have to throw on a t-shirt and jean doesn’t mean you have to take your glam away. Avoid wearing tops or blouses with inscriptions. They drag the focus of your on-lookers to your stature and make you look childish. You can throw on a jacket to add a classy mature effect to your look. Your gowns should be snugged up to your body.There is a difference between snugged up and tight but I insist on snugged up.




  • Accessories and Shoes: Minimal dimension is all I see in this petite queen. Concentrate on one area. Don’t have it all going on so that you won’t end up as a drag queen.Less is more has always being the key to looking so fly. I’m sure you can see that her shoes are heels. Incase you are scared of sprawling out on the floor in an attempt to wear heels, choose a length you are comfortable in.


Another secret tip is Confidence. If it’s missing you will end up miserable and mediocre.So dust yourself up and turn your bling on! Love ya! đŸ™‚