‘A dress transforms into an artwork,back into a dress and into an artwork again.Poetry becomes reality,morphing back into fantasy.’



The Paris Haute Couture 2015 flagged off on Sunday,5th July and it will be coming to a wrap today, Thursday,9th July 2015.A lot of designers have given their audience a run for their money but the creativity I admire most is that of Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren.

The duo Dutch fashion designers added another term to the Register of Fashion Designing which is what I call POETASHION.In other words it means poetry mixed with fashion.Hope the word sounds like french? 🙂


They cooked up these wearable art pieces outside the box of avant garde by transforming each painting hung on a wall to draping gowns on their models which they did before the piercing eyes of their audience including I(I will get there one day).

They got their inspiration from the Dutch Golden paintings of the 17th Century. Hence, history has been re-invented in the 21st Century.

So you think fashion designers are clueless?Think again!!!

Do you think their pieces are great and wearable?Share your thoughts with me.