The trending season in most parts of the world is the rainy season.Here in Jos, the rain is copious in amount coupled with the cold that typifies the natural temperature of J-town.

Wondering what #OFRD means?It means Outfit For the Rainy Day.Here are tips on how to get pretty this season.

  1. Your hair and makeup: If you are wearing a long hair,you can either pack your hair in a bun or stylishly wear your hair in an updo because you don’t want your hair to drip water on your clothes.Also,make your face look as natural as possible by going light on your makeup.
  2. Your clothes: Most people choose to look gloomy when the rains have started.It’s advisable to stay out of white clothing items but what about yellow and the fun colors?You can have them all but you have to make them as short as possible so as not to get dirty.You should also get either a jacket,sweater or trench coat to wade the cold off.
  3. Stay away from leather!!!:I repeat-Stay away from leather!Rubber shoes and waterproof bags should be a girl’s best friend at this period.
  4. A Sturdy Umbrella is a MUST for this season.It cannot be over-emphasized.
  5. Wear a smile and put away all the gloominess of the season.

That’s it pretties!!!Have a great season!